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At Wood & Morgan, we turn your ideas into reality. We are professionals that work and operate with professionals throughout the United States, maximizing opportunities to get you top dollar in all your pursuits.

Our firm deeply understands business transitions, start-ups, real estate acquisitions, business transactions, private equity sales, divestitures, partnerships, and more.

Know the Risks. Make It Happen.

We go beyond the corners of legal documents to...

Close The Deal

Identify Critical Weaknesses

Demistify The Legalese

Maximize Your Net Worth

Gain the Upper Hand with Private Equity

Now more than ever is it important to have legal counsel and advisors when considering sales to private equity firms. We’re the team you want to use to optimize your net worth and sell your business at maximum profit. Understanding the risks, costs, and benefits of choosing a private equity partner is paramount and critical to the safety and security of your financial wellness.

Flexible Payment Models

We offer flexible payment models. Some circumstances call for contingency fees while the certainty of a flat fee or the flexibility of an hourly rate might be more appropriate in others. Regardless of your needs and situation, we will find a solution.

Who We Work With

We are masters of connecting minds and bringing new insights to your business. We work with professionals in the following areas:



Throughout the country, a huge shift in the dental landscape is taking place. Now is the time to capitalize on it. While dentist to dentist transitions and start-ups remain strong, consolidation of the industry through the creation of group businesses and private equity acquisitions is driving the industry forward. Since 1980 we have represented over 8,000 dentists and delivered innovative and profitable solutions.


Primary Health

While many healthcare attorneys exclusively target industry titans, we focus on helping those who matter most—doctors. We guide and represent private practice healthcare professionals and small doctor groups with start-ups, partnerships, real estate acquisitions, sales to private equity groups, and more.



Artists, actors, and athletes on the cusp need excellent representation, too. Our entertainment business is focused on supporting up-and-coming entertainment professionals in various fields and professions to ensure they are well-protected and well-advised.



The veterinary industry is undergoing a substantive transformation. Our firm is poised to guide consolidation, transitions, and private equity acquisitions, as well as start-ups, partnerships, leases, and space-sharing arrangements.


Estate Planning

You’ve spent your entire life creating your legacy, our firm will ensure it’s protected. We offer estate planning services including trust formation, will drafting, and general estate planning to ensure the safety and security of our clients’ families and estates.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Justin Morgan helped me with my dental lease negotiations for my new dental office. He was very helpful in explaining and educating me about the contract and looking out for my best long-term financial interests. He was very intent on me getting the best deal possible and protecting me in all sorts of ways I did not know about. He is extremely knowledgeable about the needs of a dental practice and is very efficient in his work. Not only was he coaching me on the legal ramifications of things but he was also helping me with making sure my loan was appropriate and I was on the right path. I truly appreciate what Justin has done for me and fully trust him.

Jason Wood is hands down one of the most professional, knowledgeable, and genuinely thoughtful people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. How often can you say that about an attorney? Ha! As a first-time practice owner, one can imagine the stress associated with loans, lease negotiations, and a build-out. Jason was a constant support throughout that unforgettable process. He taught me a LOT, always had my best interest in mind, and proved to be an invaluable member of my start-up team. Here we are three successful years later, and he still checks in by phone, via email, or by text. He takes a personal interest in helping his clients succeed. I am an extremely satisfied client and will continue to refer friends and other dental colleagues his way. Thank you, Jason, keep up the good work.

I highly recommend Justin Morgan! He reviewed my dental associate contract and I could tell he was very knowledgeable and experienced in this area. He identified things in the contract and about my situation that I would not have thought about and provided great advice. He was also efficient and made the process simple. I will use him again in the future for sure.

Jason Woods is a knowledgeable dental attorney.  I am pleased with the wealth of information he had to offer during my contract negotiations with purchasing a dental practice.  He was able to negotiate a seller-favored contract to more of a buyer-friendly contract.  I would highly recommend him!

Justin Morgan has been a great attorney to work with at this firm.  As an optometrist, I know very little "legalese" but fortunately Mr. Morgan explains things to me in an easily understandable manner.  I'd recommend his services to any medical professional thus far!

We really recommend Justin Morgan to all dentists. Pat Wood is an amazing attorney and saved us a lot of time and money. All our meetings were online and easy. We are really thankful to work with you guys.


Meet Our Attorneys

Our partners take a hands-on approach to ensure our clients are connected with the strongest team of professionals and understand the legal and business risks and issues attendant to the proposed course of action. Each attorney brings their own unique experience to his practice of law and we collaborate to ensure our clients are well-advised. 

patrick wood

Patrick J. Wood

Pat Wood founded the firm and has represented dentists and other healthcare professionals for over 40 years. Pat analyzes, negotiates, and structures dental practice acquisitions, partnerships, start-ups, and related transactions with a consistently fair, positive-outcome-driven approach.  Wood has closed at least $600,000,000 in dental transitions throughout his career and has negotiated at least 1,200 commercial real estate leases.

Pat gives back to the dental community. Pat frequently lectures at dental schools, societies, and conventions delivering approximately twenty practice transition seminars throughout the country each year.  Articles authored by Pat have been published in several publications including “Dental Economics,” “The Journal of California Dental Association,” “Strategies for Success,” “The New Dentist,” “CEDS Magazine,” “Dentaltown,” The Nugget Magazine,” and “The Journal of Colorado Dental Association.”

Pat received his J.D. from Southwestern University and his B.A. from the University of Southern California Los Angeles. He is admitted to practice law in California, Texas, and Colorado. 

jason wood

Jason P. Wood

Jason Wood is a partner and has represented dentists and other healthcare professionals for over 17 years. Jason adopts a multi-faceted approach to his practice digging deep into legal, business, and practice management issues to ensure that his clients are well prepared for the rigors and challenges of the market. Wood has closed at least $500,000,000 in dental transitions between doctors and hundreds of millions of dollars in helping dentists sell their practices to private equity and DSOs. He has also negotiated at least 800 commercial real estate leases and hundreds of real estate acquisitions.

Jason is passionate about educating doctors. He frequently publishes articles, musings, and blog posts on DentalTown, the California Dental Association Journal, Dental Economics, The New Dentist, Dentaltown Magazine, numerous state dental association magazines, and others.  Jason moderates business-related forums on Dentaltown providing him a unique vantage point on the industry.

Jason received his J.D. from the University of San Diego and his B.A. from San Diego State University. Prior to joining the firm, Jason worked in Washington, D.C. for the Speaker of the House in connection with Presidential and U.S. Congressional campaigns, and thereafter he worked for the U.S. House of Representatives, drafting legislation for various House committees.


Justin J. S. Morgan

Justin Morgan is a partner and has worked as a banker and attorney in the private practice healthcare industry for three years. Justin draws on his experience as a commercial litigator, private practice healthcare financier, and transactional attorney to advise his clients on risk, strategy, and personal and business finance. Justin has closed at least $50,000,000 in practice and has managed commercial and bankruptcy litigation cases involving disputes ranging from $20,000 to $40,000,000. 

Justin zealously represents and educates his clients. In addition to publishing articles and blog posts, he has launched campaigns to educate doctors regarding financial restructuring, legal issues, and business strategy. He has delivered seminars on practice and real estate finance at private events, dental society meetings, and the California Dental Association's yearly convention in Anaheim, California. Justin serves as outside general counsel to various small businesses (plumbing, construction, project manager, dermatology clinics, dental practices, veterinary practices) and has constructed several talent agreements for actor and producer roles. 

Justin received his J.D. from the University of Southern California and his B.A. from the University of California Santa Barbara. He previously led Bank of America’s Southern California private practice healthcare division, worked for the international law firm of Brown Rudnick, and interned at the United States Ninth Circuit of Appeals for the Honorable Proctor Hug, located in Reno, NV.